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Birthdate:Nov 11
I am probably twice the age of some of my friends list, and, through some miracle I have yet to explain, I have found my other half and been happily married since 1996. I have two awesome kids and a talented and wonderful step daughter as well as my furry children and water babies. (two cats, a dog, a rabbit, three gold fish, a betta, ten African dwarf frogs and two mystery snails.) I also have some standing children in pots around the house too including half a dozen kona coffee plants and a vanilla orchid among lots of more normal house plants.

I like gaming but don’t play as much as I want to, I need to get off my rear and finish Skyrim. Most of the time the only thing I keep up with is a lame little clickable pet game called Dragon Cave. There are some random facebook games I will get caught up in occasionally. I especially like the games where I can redecorate and rearrange things for hours on end.

I like to play with webpages, graphics and things like that as well but if you are here you are most likely interested in my writing.

I enjoy fanfiction as well as original fiction. I write fanfics for many fandoms most of which are Anime and or Manga based ( kind of live and breathe some of my favorite fandoms there) I read a huge amount of fanfiction as well. My genre are many and varied and can cover anything, fluff, angst, crack, humor, erotica or intentional badfic. I like to try new things so you never know what you might find.
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